God’s Smuggler

“God’s Smuggler” is the autobiography of Brother Andrew and it is a story that beautifully unfolds. The reader is first introduced to Andrew as a young boy in Holland, a boy with strong spirit and an amazing knack for adventures. What it ends up being is an incredible account of secret missionary activity behind the Iron Curtain. Yet the stories that lie between the mischievous boy and the heroic man makes for riveting reading indeed! I was only 3 chapters into the book when I ordered a second one to give to my son as a gift for his 18th birthday. The reason was more than just that it was a great read. This is a book that shows how God can use all the unique tendencies and quirks He places within us if we yield them to His hands.

Brother Andrew’s choices early in life brought him through poverty, loneliness, desperation and danger. He witnessed barbaric acts and made foolish decisions. But God patiently wove all of those events into a calling unlike any I have ever read. The whole effect is amazing and inspiring. The young Andrew who put sugar into the gas tanks of the Nazis cars in Holland was the same Andrew who, years later, loaded boxes of smuggled bibles into a pastors car two minutes from Red Square in Communist Russia! Now that’s an inspiration!

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for older teens as well as adults.

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