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Homeschooling comment is wrong

I enjoyed the reporter’s article on the McKay basketball player, but I gagged over one sentence: ‘Unlike a lot (of) the typical home-schooled students, Berrier is well-adjusted and blends in enough with his McKay teammates that outsiders can’t tell the difference.’ Read more…

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  1. Actually, as a homeschool mom, I’ve noticed that quite often homeschool kids DO stick out. I’ve noticed they tend NOT to follow the “crowds”, they are usually MUCH more friendly (especially towards kids typically considered “different”), they are more polite and more obedient. They have better social skills and can relate to humans of all ages. Yes, they usually do stick out. Once, a perfect stranger asked me, “So, how long have you been homeschooling?” I was shocked since I didn’t know her, that she knew that about my family. So I asked, “How did you know that we homeschool?” She said, “I noticed that your kids are very outgoing, but polite. I usually only see that in homeschooled children.” Another time, a man at an auto parts store asked me if we homeschooled. I said yes, and asked how he knew. He told me he was a psychology major and he noticed how they were sharing with one another. He pointed out that public school students usually have a self protective “it’s mine” attitude…my children did not.

    I’m quite proud of the fact that my children stick out.

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