Pigs Might Fly

Pigs Might Fly is another excellent animal book by beloved children’s author Dick King Smith. As if being the dag of the litter wasn’t enough, poor “Daggie Dogfoot” has deformed feet too. After narrowly escaping the chopping block, naïve Daggie is convinced his special feet will equip him to fly. Though he learns flying isn’t his bag, he does figure out his little piggies work great as flippers, and with the help of Felicity the duck, and Izak the otter, Daggie becomes a top-notch swimmer. His skills come in handy later when disaster strikes the farm.

The combination of distinctly personified animal characters, comedy, and adventure is a perfect formula to keep kids engaged in reading. Fans of Smith’s Babe: The Gallant Pig or E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web will be glad they found Pigs Might Fly; this sweet book about the runt of the litter who overcomes the odds and becomes a hero is sure to please.

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