I found this book on the top shelf of a used bookstore. The front cover said “Prayers: The Acclaimed International Best Seller”. I have read many a dull book of prayers with too many thee’s and thou’s sprinkled through, as if special words make for special conversations with God. So why would a book of prayers be translated from French into at least nine other languages and sell over a million copies? Reading the back cover I discovered that the author, Michael Quoist, was a political and social scientist who served as a pastor in Le Havre, France in the late 1950’s. With growing curiosity I read the introduction “How to Pray These Pages” and learned that the one hope of the author is that he can “prepare the reader for the amazing dialogue between man and God”. I was still somewhat cynical but leaned against the bookshelf and began prayer one, based on the scripture in Mark when children are brought to Christ. The first stanza reads:

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