The Pushcart War

We have been reading The Pushcart War as part of a boy’s book club, and the book has achieved a rare honor among this group of persnickety boys – it passed the finicky reader test. The guys love it, and I love it! Written as a satire, the book tells the events of the 1986 New York City “Pushcart-war” between pushcart peddlers and delivery trucks. The story explores the nature of politics, group dynamics, NYC culture, and both the good and bad in people. Lively, believable, thought provoking, and hysterical, this book is a must read.

Even though this is a story about war, there is no real violence – a couple of scuffles, and fatalities are in the form of killed tires. Outside of Frank the Flower lying during his interrogation, there is nothing objectionable, and even that caveat isn’t enough to bark about. Simply include Frank’s behavior in your discussions. Read it for entertainment, or plunge in and include activities to enhance the educational experience. Either way, don’t miss this one.

The author has written additional children’s books, including The Toothpaste Millionaire.

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