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Coaches Against Alabama Homeschool Bill

Several county high school football coaches do not support a new bill that would allow home schooled children to participate in extracurricular activities at public high schools.
On Wednesday, the Senate Education Committee held a public hearing on the bill, which is being sponsored by Sen. Hank Erwin. The bill faced stiff opposition in the meeting, but the main reason Erwin is supporting the bill is to start a discussion on the issue. Read more…

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  1. Sorry to see Coach Abbott is primarily concerned with punishment. Wonder what he does to public shool students.

  2. It is very sad that the coaches feel that way about homeschooler in public school programs. Due to there bias, the students in the school system will continue to suffer because of the closed- mindness of their leaders (coaches) in the school system. If you look at the average athlete they are not very good students, in character or leadership ability especially in public speaking skills. The coaches are more concern with punishment. A bunch of foolishness. My question is when have homeschooler being troublemakers or unruly. A large percentage of homeschoolers parents are so involved with their daily activities that they would not dare misbehave. It is ashame that the future leaders of this country (homeschoolers) are being rejected for possibly changing the people who need them most (fellow peers). Sadly the coaches are concerned with recruitment versus academics. If we felt the same way as these coaches, and not paid taxes on the money they so much enjoy where we see not benefits for our own children. Very Interesting.

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