History Makers: 3500 BC to the Present

This unit study curriculum offers middle school students the opportunity to do in-depth studies of significant individuals of the past, focusing on how these groundbreakers changed the world through their achievements and inventions. Encompassing every subject except math, the 37 lessons in History Makers can by spread out over a 1-2 year period. As your student immerses into the material, he will be researching, mapping, creating time-lines as well as conducting experiments and doing various hands-on projects. The key component of this curriculum is the research – guided by questionnaires, students will be doing considerable independent sleuthing to create customized “course-books” (note-booking), based both on the material, and their own selected topics.

The curriculum includes a lesson plan book, a student pack of worksheets and maps, tests, and a CD. You will need to provide 3 ring binders for the course-books, library books (allowing at least one book from the reading list per lesson), encyclopedias, and ideally Internet access. The curriculum may at first glance seem intimidating, but it needn’t be – once you’ve familiarized yourself with the lesson plan book and the student pack if you still need help, TRISMS offers support through the homework helps section of their website, and an online discussion/support group.

History-Makers is well thought out and organized, a good choice for the student who enjoys creativity, structure, writing, and most of all history. I see the value in this type of curriculum, as it is vital that our children know how to find information. If they know how to efficiently and effectively research, then we have taught them well.

To learn more about History Makers, be sure to visit the TRISMS website.

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