Blend the Three Stooges with Little Rascal and throw in some Dennis the Menace and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from Nicholas, a “slightly” naughty French schoolboy who can’t seem to stay out of mischief. His friends Cuthbert, Matthew, Jeremy, and Geoffrey are hilarious sidekicks, and their day-to-day adventures are told with child-like naivety and perfect slapstick timing. From the disastrous school photo-session to the crazy soccer game, your boys will be squirming with “oh no’s” and rollicking laughter as Nicholas unknowingly gets into trouble upon trouble. Be aware these boys get into scuffles and do a fair share of name calling, but it was all rather tongue and cheek and obviously exaggerated for our entertainment. The illustrations are very cute, and there is at least one small drawing on nearly every page in the book.

Nicholas’s adventures continue with: Nicholas Again, and Nicholas on Vacation.

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