Showin’ Ya the Ropes: A Young Adult’s Resource Guide to Navigate Life

Students in public high schools get all kinds of guidance counseling for career planning and other “life skills.” Homeschooling families have to turn to other sources for such information. This book is a great resource for these areas. In nine chapters, the author, who has over 25 years of business experience, is the father of four children, has a life-long passion for helping young adults, and is a member of the Faith Church St. Louis, provides solid, practical advice on choosing a career, figuring out goals, setting up a budget, establishing credit history, buying a house, financial planning, obtaining insurance, and income diversifying. Thus, there is a broad range of important subjects covered in this one book.

There is some “motivational” talk in this book, but it is not just “grab all the gusto you can because you go around only once.” Rather, it emphasizes the importance of planning while young so that things will be better later on. Yes, those of us who are Christians want our children to grow up recognizing the superiority of the spiritual over the physical and plan for eternity. But they also need to learn how to get a good job, balance a checkbook, obtain credit, and other such mundane things in the process.

In addition to the many specific suggestions that are drawn from Eyres’s own experiences, each chapter makes reference to various resources for further information on that particular subject. Many of the resources are general while others relate more to the St. Louis, MO, vicinity, but even the latter will offer ideas to readers in other locations on where to turn for more help. Generally speaking this book would make a great basis for a homeschooled high school student’s course in how to plan for life and living.

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