Homeschool has graduated

Before Anne Miller gave birth to the first of eventually eight children, she made an important decision with her husband.
“We knew we would home-school them,” she said in an interview. Their reasoning was based on observation.
“My parents home-schooled my brother in the Seventies, and my husband was a public school teacher,” she said. “We could see the results. We just knew it was what we wanted to do for our family.”
The couple’s children today range in age from 10 to 25, and the method is proving successful for the family of ten.
Anne, who lives in upper-York, is also president of the Home Educators Association of Virginia.
The three oldest boys are at NASA Langley pursuing careers in engineering. One is a full-time employee, another an intern and the last is in a co-op program. Her oldest daughter earned has her MBA. Not bad for home-schooled. Read more…

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