Space Brat

Space Brat takes place on the Planet Splat, and stars Blork – a boy who has the best tantrums in the galaxy. The poor little fella had a rough start- a piece of eggshell got stuck in his ear after he was hatched, making him one cranky splatoon. The day he brings his pet poodnoobie “Lunk” to school the animal wreaks havoc in the classroom. The teacher calls in “The Big Pest Squad” and Blork finds out tantrums aren’t a foolproof method for getting what you want in life. In his quest to save Lunk from annihilation, he learns the right way to behave. This is a fun eye-opener for kids to see just how ugly temper tantrums can be. The author’s zany sense of humor delivers the message! The illustrations of Blork during a fit were rather unattractive, but otherwise, there was nothing objectionable.

There are 4 more books in the Space Brat series, the next being Blorks Evil Twin.

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