Three degrees at 16-years

Don’t get the idea your kids are behind. This is one unusual kid.
Andrew Hsu has not yet been on a date or taken his driving test.
But he does have three degrees — in neurobiology, biochemistry and chemistry. This month, just weeks after his 16th birthday, Hsu became the second-youngest person to graduate from the University of Washington, and the youngest with a triple degree. Starting this summer, he plans to begin his doctoral research into brain function at Stanford University’s medical school.
For Andrew, the UW is where he has grown up. Not just the 1-foot height spurt that began after his freshman year, but also where he began separating his own identity and destiny from the expectations of others.
According to dad David Hsu, a computer-software engineer, Andrew’s unusual talents began revealing themselves at age 2, when he started assembling Lego robots and teaching himself to read. Read more…

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