God’s Great Covenant, Old Testament Book 1: A Bible Course for Children

Classic Academic Press, (best known for their Latin for Children Primer series) publishes this fantastic Bible text for elementary grade students. Bible for Children, Book One uses selected Old Testament books to show God’s faithfulness to His promises and His people. Those looking for a thorough, engaging, and child/teacher friendly Bible curriculum should be very pleased.

This glossy covered 240-page workbook has a large format presentation for ease of reading and writing. Every few pages are decorated with clever black and white renderings of 3-D images (which reminded me of clay animation), giving the lessons a fun feel. It has 32 chapters designed to span the school year with completion of one chapter spread out over a week. The lesson format consists of a memory page, a bible story, worksheets, and a quiz. Here’s an excerpt from chapter one story-time:

God is so powerful that His words cause things to happen. The Hebrew word that our Bible translates “God” is Elohim. Elohim is a plural word that means “might, strength, and majesty.” Even though God is one God, the Hebrews used a plural word to describe God in order to emphasize how vast, strong, and majestic God is.

How well told and enlightening!

All the material is reviewed at the end of each of the 5 sections and handy appendixes in the back include a glossary, word banks, and a summary of all the memory verses. Truly, this couldn’t be any easier to use – all the work has been done, and besides a bible, no other materials are required. If you proceed at a tailored pace while working according to your child’s capabilities, you’ll see this workbook compatible with a wide range of skills and learning styles, making it suitable for multi-grade teaching. Note there is an accompanying teacher’s manual (available separately). It contains the complete child’s workbook with answer key, and offers additional insights into the lessons. You’ll find it helpful for making the material more challenging for your older students. God is faithful to keep His promises – your children will see that over and over as they embark on this wonderful and foundational study in the Old Testament.

Classical Academic Press publishes curricula for Christian schools and homeschooling families, particularly those teaching from a classical perspective. 3 more texts in the Bible for Children are planned for release by May 2009. They also publish a logic text called The Art of Argument.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more.

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