Logic in 100 minutes (DVD)

This educational DVD features two 50-minute workshops conducted by Hans and Nathaniel Bluedorn, authors of The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox. Offering a basic introduction to logic, topics overviewed in these workshops include logical fallacies, propaganda, opposing viewpoints, and tools for scientific thinking. Being a videotaped seminar, their use of visual aids and entertaining images enhance the home viewers experience. And the wise cracks and cartoons, used to make a point, keep the mood light and atmosphere fun. However, due to copyright protection laws, they were unable to videotape the cartoon overheads they used in the workshop. Home viewers will hear the caption read, but with the cartoon image missing it wasn’t as funny – though we still got the point of the message. Overall, this DVD is a good way to introduce your family to logic and can serve as a springboard for further study – additional book recommendations and workshop handouts (via PDF format) are included in the DVD.

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