Once Upon A Marigold

In this fairy tale, Christian runs away from home and is raised by the kindly troll who finds him in the forest. Years pass and after admiring from afar (via telescope) the princess Marigold, Christian sends her a p-mail (carrier pigeon) correspondence and the two become fast friends. Eager for adventure beyond his woods, he travels across the river to work at her castle. While keeping his identity secret, he befriends her in person, and perchance discovers a plot against her life.

This story is quite fun, has a strong charm factor, but lacks the element of surprise – the author didn’t try too hard to “pull the wool”. The plot was all too predictable. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, he rescues her, and they live happily ever after. It’s all rather sporty and humorous, and even the “wicked” characters are more annoying than scary. So if it’s a light-hearted love story/fairy tale that interests you, you’ll enjoy Once Upon a Marigold.

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