When September and Ivan Crane’s father leaves for a 2 week commercial fishing job, he reluctantly allows the kids (ages 13 and 12) to stay alone in their remote Alaskan cabin. After arranging for a friend to check up on them, he gives two firm rules: don’t hot-wire the video game into their radio’s power source, and don’t use the boat to go to town. They quickly break both rules and lie to cover it up. The implications of their behavior turn life threatening when they attempt to cross the bay during a williwaw, a severe storm like the one that claimed their mother’s life years ago.

Most of the book focuses on the children’s day-to-day handling of their predicament, but at the very end the author does give readers a thrilling account of the williwaw. The writing is descriptive (though some passages were overdone and lengthy) and it was easy to get caught up in the story. Williwaw! shows how disobedience escalated into catastrophe for 2 normally responsible, hard working home-schooled kids. Young readers will get the message – don’t lie. Expect this book to generate some discussions for your family as it did for ours.

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