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Disturbing Wikibook Chapter on homeschooling

An “alert reader” sent me this link to a chapter from Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education on Homeschooling. The author is none too kind and uses stereotypes and half-truths to try and discredit homeschooling. Being as this is a wiki, anyone can freely edit the chapter. I’m not suggesting defacing this book but thoughtful, logical, fact-based reasoning you can help clarify the truth. The restof the book might be worth some fact-checking too.
Many parents expect that once they start to homeschool their children that the “results to be as high as their level of sacrifice” (Homeschooling and Homeschool, 2007). When parents have these unrealistic expectations it can, and often does, put even more pressure on the child to perform at the level that their parents expect. If the child fails to perform at this level they often times will feel as if they have let their parents down. It is unfair of the parents to put this type of pressure on children who are often very young. Read more…

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  1. Just a quick pointer – when modifying a wikibook, remember it’s a textbook and not a forum. Don’t say “the above paragraph is wrong because…” MAKE THE PARAGRAPH RIGHT!!

    A wikibook should read like a textbook, keep it unbiased, informative, third person and in one voice. DO NOT pick a fight – state the facts like there is no room for debate. Write like you are handing down wisdom from God – not heckling the pastor.

  2. Agreed!
    As I said, EDIT this chapter. But be sure to use facts to back up your reasoning. You might even mention erroneous assumptions and why they are wrong to prevent someone from changing it back. As Daniel said above, It is a textbook, not a forum.

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