Public school cost vs. homeschool cost

Yes, there’s cost associated with homeschooling, not to mention opportunity costs. But this is a sacrifice many will gladly make. Of course, not every homeschoolers joins a co-op nor has the latest gadgets.
My wife and I could buy a 42-inch plasma HDTV with the money we spend on fees required to send our three kids to public schools.
There’s the “instructional materials” fee of $205 for each of our middle-schoolers, the $76 grade-school version of that fee, the “lunch supervisor” fee of $84 and myriad charges for gym uniforms, musical instrument rentals, field trips and general whathaveyou…

…Janik pays the same taxes as the rest of us, supplementing our kids’ public school educations. But she also has fees.
“Home schooling is far more costly,” Janik says, adding, “As long as the government stays off my back, I’m happy with it.” Read more…

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