A Wife’s Prayer: Seeking God’s Best for Your Husband

The book “Wife’s Prayer” was written after Pamela Hines organized a prayer meeting for married women to pray over their husbands. Expecting a few dozen women she was amazed to see hundreds fill the sanctuary. Obviously she had tapped into a great need and this book is a natural progression of this ministry.

In the first few lines of the books she throws down the gauntlet by writing,

“As wives, we often pray about our husbands instead of for our husbands. Beyond all of our good and pure intentions there is a strong desire to go before the throne of God and “tell on him”. Remember, the desired result is to see your husband walking according to the will of God, not according to your will!”

The rest of the book is dedicated to scripturally based prayers organized to cover every facet of a husband’s life. Most prayers can be prayed by most wives and as such it makes a handy reference book. That being said, I found her frequent references to submission unnecessary, Certainly some wives may find comfort in a literal embracing of that position in their marriage but it an issue wide open for debate and certainly not a widely held view anymore.

I was also somewhat disappointed in the very few prayers for wives who’s husbands are not believers but overall it is a good book, well thought out and honest. Just having it by your bed would serve as a great reminder that there is no greater gift we can bring to our husband than to hold him up to the Father. And so it nearly accomplishes its task without being read!

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