Just Ella

This version of Cinderella is as polar as one can get from the original.

“Just Ella” strips away the magic, stars an independent feminist heroine, and leaves the happily ever after to your own wonderment. Without the convenience of a fairy Godmother Ella makes her own gown, negotiates the glass slippers from a glass blower, and pays a farthing for a carriage ride to the castle gate. She scoots from the ball at midnight only because she has to get the cellar floor scrubbed before her step-family returns. The prince finds her the next day and proposes marriage. She eagerly accepts and returns with him to the castle. However, once her infatuation with him settles she realizes the grass isn’t greener on the royal grounds. When she tries to break off their engagement she is thrown into the dungeon.

Even though I like fresh takes on classics – I didn’t care much for this one. As much as I wanted to like this Ella, I didn’t like her at all. Her self-reliant and obstinate ways came across snobbish. Be aware there was a small bit of “sexuality” strewn in the story – Ella once ponders her parent’s intimate relations, and her jailor is a rapist/giant who indicates he “wants” her. Also, Ella must literally dig herself out of the dungeon “crap-hole”, which was rather disgusting. Though I preferred Ella Enchanted to Just Ella, it was purely a matter of personal taste. There will be many who will like this interpretation, and its emphasis (which I did enjoy) that there is more to a relationship than physical attraction, and more to life than riches and power.

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