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Is tennis homeschooling worth the risk?

To a homeschooler, this guy sounds insane. He actually thinks the “distraction from learning” that school bullies provide is a good thing. He also seems to assume that homeschoolers don’t get into good universities. There are no comments at this site so far.
Without a doubt, change is inevitable and we need to embrace it or we will be left behind. Yet, change is not always a good thing. The big tennis topic on the junior tour is whether or not one should homeschool their child.
In order to keep up with the competition, parents must pull their child out of their current school. In the past three-plus summers on the junior tennis circuit, it has been commonplace for my students to compete against kids who do not formally attend a public or private school. Perhaps what is most disturbing to me is that most of them begin to pull out of school at the tender age of 11 or 12. Read more…

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  1. I am a homeschooling mom of 3 girls. Two of which went through the public school system. One excelled inspite of the fact that the teachers only had about 15 min. per class to teach because of all the disruptions. (My daughter’s words)My second child, I believe, became too interested in the “social” part of school. Her teachers claimed that she was quite capable of doing the work but wouldn’t apply herself. She also skipped school alot. The authorities threatened to take her out of our home if I couldn’t keep her in school. I ended up removing her from school before they expelled her. I wish I had known about homeschooling then. I’ve been homeschooling my 3rd child for 5 years now. (She is in the 7th gr.) It has not always been easy but it is definitely worth it. She socializes with kids from our church, and our homeschool group, as well as some from her old church school that closed. She gets along well with kids of all ages as well as adults. I believe that because she was not subjected to all the teasing that happens in a public school setting, she is much more confident than her sisters. I’ve also noticed that homeschooled kids are usually better behaved. I would easily keep 100 homeschooled kids compared to 10 of the public schooled kids. (I shudder at the thought)

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