Apostle of Liberty: The World-Changing Leadership of George Washington (Leaders in Action)

“Apostle of Liberty”, the newest book in a Cumberland House series called “Leaders in Action”, examines the life, character and legacy of George Washington. As home schooling parents it does us good to be reminded that this great man owes his life’s outcome to the guidance of godly parents. As the author states:

“Washington’s parents were his primary instructors through example, daily direction and formal teaching. Not only were his physical strengths and skills developed through the rigors of rural farm life, but also his industry, frugality and enjoyment of simple pleasures. His parents taught him character qualities that formed the foundation necessary for his life accomplishments”

With a scholars mind, Stephen McDowell reaches into all the crevices of Washington’s life to reveal a real hero. One can turn over any stone without fear, as he was indeed a man of great character. I found myself asking where within public office we could find such a man today but the answer was clear. Society would not tolerate a George Washington in our present day climate. He would offend with his righteousness. He would silently and unintentionally condemn by simply holding to a high and noble standard.

In addition to being a fascinating book in it’s own rite, this story of George Washington (and indeed the “Leaders in Action” series as a whole) would make an excellent curriculum base for high school students. It serves as a reminder that godliness is what gives leadership its true strength. It is my intention to incorporate portions of this book even into my 9-year-olds American history for this coming year. It is an excellent addition to the family library.

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