Raising Children Without Going Insane

The author, Jane Evans, is a motivational speaker, busy mom to three boys and full time pastors wife who has a passion for godly parenting. Although she meets every criterion to make most moms feel overwhelmed by her accomplishments, she has instead chosen to write an honest, humorous book. When an author can step into the shoes of her readers and have them nodding in self-recognition as they turn each page, then she has indeed succeeded. This is the case with “Raising Children (without going insane)”. Perhaps the most motivating thing she writes about is the way that she recognizes each child as being tremendously distinct. Not only recognizing this but also going so far as to structure individual discipline, conversational style and intervention based on these differences. I had to put the book down several times to reflect on her challenges. Of course anecdotes abound and as such it is not a difficult book to read.

Within every parent there dwells a part of them that bucks at being lectured about child rearing. Thankfully this book never even approaches lecture status. It feels more like a long coffee time chat with a mom who knows exactly what you are dealing with and lovingly suggests God’s approach to it all. This is a refreshing book that deserves a space on your shelf.

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