Two-Minute Drill: Mike Lupica’s Comeback Kids

Got a boy who eats, sleeps, and breathes football? Would he choose throwing a pass and kicking field goals over reading a book? Then toss him this title by sports columnist Mike Lupica. Your reluctant reader who prefers sports to books will eat this one up. 11-year-old Scott’s dream is to do something big in football. But as much as he loves the game, his talent is his brains, not his athletic skills. That doesn’t stop him from trying out for the team, and he’s quick to make friends with Chris, the star quarterback. Unfortunately, Scott also is quick to be noticed by another player on the team – the school bully.

This book will undoubtedly glow with young football fanatics, but even boys who have only a mild fondness of the game will enjoy the story, because it’s good. Scott is a likable kid, and the friendship between him and Chris is a great example for boys. The situations etched in the story such as change, big dreams, personal shortcomings, and difficult people are totally relatable. The author drives home the message – no matter what the odds, don’t give up. The book is a refreshingly clean read – no foul language, no serious bullying, nothing objectionable. Surprisingly, that is hard to come by in today’s children’s literature market.

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