Young scientist outsmarts her disease

Young scientist outsmarts her disease

Wow! A story with both homeschooling and celiac disease. Both of these issues affect out family.
As someone with celiac disease, Bethany Johnson has had to eat some pretty unappetizing food over the years.
Because wheat gluten causes her body to attack itself, wearing away her intestines and keeping her from absorbing nutrients, Bethany can’t eat anything made from regular flour. The gluten-free stuff you can buy in the grocery store is pretty bland, at best. Read more…

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  1. Hi! I just found this homeschool sight! I am also a homeschooler who has Celiac Disease as do my three children. Congrats on your science experiment – what a great idea. I recently published a book for kids about Celiac. You can check it out at

  2. Hi Melanie. Welcome! Just to be clear, that isn’t my science experiment. It was in the news and I linked to it.
    I do have celiac disease however. (Me, Dad not the kids.)

  3. I’m also have celiac disease, and I am homeschooling four little celiac sons. That was a great article! Good for homeschooling ‘and’ good for celiac awareness.

    Blog-hopping tonight, off to see Melanie’s book site…

    Amy R.

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