Bringing Out The Winner in Your Child

This is one of those times when the credentials (and adventures) of the author almost warrant their own separate book. John Croyle is a remarkable man. As a young college age guy he was on his way to a career in professional football. But God gave him a conflicting dream and drive, that he was destined to help abused and neglected boys. Through the sacrifice of both his sports dream and his money, he bought land and built a ranch. Over 30 years and 1300 children later, the author has earned the right to give advice. Not only does he hammer home the need to truly examine your relationship with your children, but he drives home the point with direct questions at the end of each chapter. The thirteen well- known men and women who have written in praise of Mr. Croyle (everyone from Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral to the former head coach of the Phoenix Cardinals) have one common theme and that is that John Croyle has made winners out of a lot of children. Some of the advice seems like basic common sense but the analogies and anecdotes make for an interesting read.

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