Differences: The Bible and the Koran

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In order to make sense of the work that I do with Voice of the Martyrs I have tried reading a couple of books on the Koran and Islam and to be honest they seemed somewhat confusing and, at times, contrived. When the opportunity to review this book came to me I decided to see if it lived up to its promise of simplicity. It did, but almost too much so. It is rather difficult to describe this book. I suppose you could consider it a type of encyclopedic reference book to help Christians understand why Muslims act the way they do. All subjects of interest, from anger to zealousness, are listed in alphabetical order. The author gives Bible references to show what Christians believe about each area and then he sites Koranic quotes to help us understand their actions. There is no commentary whatsoever and, according to the introduction, this is done so that the reader can draw their own conclusions. I did not find that approach to be helpful in my own quest for knowledge. That is not the fault of the book, but rather of my expectations. Am I any closer to understanding Islam because I read this book? Yes I am. But without any discussion on the part of the author I felt a bit short -changed. This would be a great reference book as part of a collection of books on the subject and would interest those who wish to speak on the subject or look behind newspaper headlines. As for me I continue my quest for a book of clarity and insight on the timely subject of the very real spiritual battle raging in Muslim countries around the world.

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