Katy lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Porter, and her older siblings, Seth and Anna, in Urbana, IL. Mr. Porter is a minister, and the parents tell the children that they are thinking about homeschooling them. At first the children at not sure, and Katy especially is afraid that it will make her too “different,” but in the end they all pray about it and decide that it will be a good thing. Katie learns that being different is not always bad. In addition to the positive image of homeschooling, I like the picture of a loving family who actually care about one another. The kids are not “perfect.” They make mistakes, and even the parents get into an argument. However, all of them learn from their mistakes, apologize for their wrongs, strive to correct their faults, and grow. The author based the book on memories of her own childhood in Urbana, IL, when her parents began homeschooling her and her siblings. The Notgrasses are publishers of homeschooling curricula and frequent speakers at homeschooling conferences. If you think that you would enjoy a pleasant description of a godly family’s activities over a summer in which they learn and develop in striving to be what the Lord wants them to be, I recommend that you read this book.

Where to buy: http://www.notgrass.com/katy.php

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