Kingdoms’ Dawn The Kingdom Series Book 1

16-year-old farm boy Leinad learned the art of the sword from his father, but always wondered why a farmer would need sword skills. His dad explains, “No matter what a man’s occupation, he must be ready to fight for the King.” And so his father’s words ring true one day when the Dark Knight raids their home, killing Leinad’s father and burning everything to the ground. But before he died, his father, who once personally served the King, challenged his son to always stay strong, true, and loyal to the King. Leinard embarks on an unforgettable and arduous quest while striving to be a faithful servant to the King he has never met.

This is a biblical allegory, and for those who know their Old Testament, an obvious one. But obvious doesn’t mean it won’t challenge you – it is a compelling reminder of God’s faithfulness to keep His promises. From Creation to the enslavement of the Jews, powerful biblical events are shadowed in Leinard’s journey. These are foundational stories our kids should know, and this book is an exciting way to introduce or re-familiarize them. Set in medieval times, there are sword fights, lashings, slavery, and other acts of violence, so explains the recommended reading level. Discussion questions and explanations of the symbolism were included at the end of the book, and provide an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into the Bible. Highly recommended.

Kingdom’s Dawn is the first book in the Kingdom series.

The sequels are:

Kingdom’s Hope, Kingdom’s Edge,Kingdom’s Call, Kingdom’s Quest, and Kingdom’s Reign

Be sure to read about this gifted author who is also a homeschooling dad!

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