The Dangerous Book for Boys

What boy could resist a title like The Dangerous Book for Boys? Boys love the notion of danger, so you can bet they will be drawn to this book. Once they open the deep scarlet cover flaming with bold gold lettering, they will be rapt. As this brilliant collection of useful facts, and “how to’s” is both practical and fascinating. My goodness! Why play video games when he can be reading a book that teaches things like how to make a bow and arrow, water bombs, a go-cart and a tree house? And, how about secret inks, Navajo talk, a brief history of artillery, rules of grammar, common Latin phrases, making a battery, and stone skipping? I dare say this engrossing content may cause your young men to stay propped up under the covers with book lights reading into the wee hours of the night. The guys that wrote the book have a grand sense of humor too. How about this excellent advice on how to behave around girls:

“Avoid being vulgar. Excitable bouts of windbreaking will not endear you to a girl, just to pick one example.” Hmm…some grown men could do to refresh themselves with that bit of advice. Nearly 300 pages of old-fashioned adventure, inspirational stories, and handy skills- what more could a boy ask for in a book? Illustrations and diagrams? Plenty. Get your sons (and dads too!) a copy, and watch The Dangerous Book for Boys become one of their most referenced and enjoyed books of all time.

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