The House of Wings

My boys love anything related to birds. They have 2 beloved parakeets and one of their favorite pastimes is watching the birds dine at our outdoor feeder. We also love going to a local nature center to hand feed the chickadees. As long as nothing tragic happens to them, books about birds or starring birds are a huge hit in our house. So, I’m always thrilled to find books like The House of Wings, a marvelous story that has lots of birds! Young Sammy is a free spirited lad, youngest of 7 and raised with no rules. When hard times hit his parents sneakily leave Sammy at his hermit granddad’s doorstep. Sammy wants no part of this eccentric old man whose house is full of filth and ducks. He is angry with his parents for leaving him, and treats his kind grandpa appallingly. But through the process of rescuing an injured crane Sammy finds healing, and grows from a spiteful brat to a caring little boy. It’s a relatively small book (140+ pages) but what makes the book a quick read is not the size but your inability to put it down once you start. I found it that good.

The author won the 1971 Newbery award for The Summer of the Swans.

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