The Lemonade War

Evan is livid when he finds out his younger sister Jessie is skipping a grade and will be joining his fourth grade class in the fall. She thinks it’s wonderful! He thinks his life is ruined. He ignores her, stews, vents, and then does what you’re supposed to do when life gives you lemons – he makes lemonade. Since Evan won’t let her help with his lemonade venture, Jessie starts her own. The siblings spend the last few days of their summer vacation in fierce competition, battling each other to sell the most lemonade. However, considering their lemonade start-ups are fueled by anger and revenge, it all quickly sours.

I loved the idea for the book – use the lemonade stand to teach kids the basics of capitalism. The author gives some helpful information on how to get a business off the ground, such as location, advertising, franchises, going mobile, and profit margin.

What I didn’t like as much was the intense bickering between the kids. I would have enjoyed The Lemonade War so much more if the kids worked as a team and rivaled someone other than a family member. But this book is not just about business; it’s also about sibling rivalry – extreme rivalry. These kids acted more like the Hatfield and the McCoy’s rather than a couple of siblings with a disagreement. They were down right nasty to one another (Evan tells Jessie he hates her, steals from her, and she pollutes his lemonade with dirt and bugs). The good news is the kids do reconcile – it didn’t come till the end, but at least it came. The book offers some good discussion fodder. Why did a misunderstanding turn to war? How could it have been prevented? How can you make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen to you? And, what kind of business ideas do you have? Using some of the business principles presented in this book, how could you turn your ideas into profit?

Additional book title: Better Than Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas For Kids

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