Web Design for Kids (…and Curious grown-ups)

When I first saw the power of the internet back in the 90’s I was pleased to find out that all anyone needed to program web pages was a simple, free text editor and some freely available knowledge. A lot has changed since those early days but I still use mostly a text editor and free resources on the web to do most of my work.

Web Design for Kids (…and Curious grown-ups) is a DVD teaching aid that can teach anyone how to start creating simple (and not so simple) web pages right away using free programs you already have on your computer. The teaching is done is a simple step-by-step, question and answer format that is easy to follow and hard to go wrong. The scene is that of a classroom with an adult teacher and two children to provide the questions and enthusiasm. The language and concepts are easy enough for any 10-year-old to follow. If you can watch this on or near a computer and try the lessons, your child will be creating impressive web pages in minutes.

The teaching is engaging, the production quality is excellent. As a web-developer myself, I know the method of programming is not the latest and greatest, but you can still program web pages like this that work. And that’s good place to start for kids. The best thing is that my own kids, especially my oldest, really couldn’t wait to try the lessons on their own computer.

The DVD is available through their website: http://webdesignforkids.net/

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