Latin for Children (Primer A)

For nearly 2000 years Latin was included in the basic education of children all over Europe as a way to help them grasp and understand the roots of their own languages (in fact half of our English words are from a Latin source). Not only is this useful for those entering fields such as biology and medicine but some of the most interesting people who ever lived wrote their essays and thoughts in this ancient language, so learning it enables the student to read these books in their pure un-translated form.

“Latin for Children”, designed by 3 Latin teachers, is a modern and engaging way to introduce home schooled children of all ages to this root of the many of the world’s languages. Using an activity book, history reader and a wonderfully laid out workbook, in conjunction with classes on DVD and a Cd of Latin chants, this class practically teaches itself.

The DVD classes are designed to flow with the workbook and the lessons are easy to follow. The teacher takes his time, speaks clearly and uses a white board to make sure the student fully understands what is being taught. His approach is comfortable and fatherly, much in line with the familiar style of our own home schooling classrooms. The Chant Cd is extremely catchy! I have found myself alone in the kitchen many times chanting such things as “amo, amare, amavi, amatum” as I made supper and my own boys loved the challenge of keeping up to speed with the pace of the chanter.

All in all “Latin for Children” is a winner. There are only two comments to note. I did find that, because I do not speak Latin, the expected pace of learning seemed too ambitious so we have adjusted it to our own needs. (This is taken into consideration by the authors as they offer a free tutor, flash cards and additional helps on their website). Also, if all the components of this course are purchased, as I would recommend, it is a moderately costly venture. But the classes and books will likely fill your full year and could easily be repeated again for a firmer grasp of the foundation of this ancient language.

a specially priced package including the book, answer key and CD/DVD is available through the Publisher’s Site.

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