New Homeschool flavored search engine

New Homeschool flavored search engine is launching a Homeschool flavored, Google custom search engine. What is homeschool flavor? Some say it tastes like chicken but it’s actually a Google custom search limited to only homeschooling related sites and pages. You can search hundreds of homeschool sites, blogs, articles, vendors and resources to get search results with a homeschool focus.

If I left out some of your favorite sites, it was unintentional. I can only add a site if I know about it. I want them ALL! That’s where you come in…
Leave a comment to tell me about the homeschool sites I missed. You can also send a list of sites yourself. I’m sure there are hundreds of them. The only requirement is that the site is homeschool focused or an educational resource that could be used by homeschoolers. The list is not limited by politics, religion or educational philosophy, only topic. (Search for the site’s name to see if it’s included.)

(NOTE: Earlier, I requested contributors but this is hard for me to manage so please comment to leave info about sites you want included. I usually add them quickly.)
Homeschool Search plug-in
I also implemented a search plug-in for Firefox or ie7.
Google provides a way you can put the search box on your blog or site or add it to your Google homepage (iGoogle).
Try it out. Tell me what you think.

32 Replies to “New Homeschool flavored search engine”

  1. I added ha-nc. Actually, the whole topic of support groups is a good one. I should add a huge list of local and national groups.

  2. The homeschool search engine is a great idea! Please make sure is on the list of searched sites. It contains over 600 pages of original homeschool articles and helpful resources, all written and maintained by a homeschool mom.

  3. I’ve been adding most (if not all of the links inthese comments. Keep them coming!
    I also welcomed 3 volunteer contributors. Thanks.

  4. Oops, I meant to say we included homeschooljournal.NET which is a homeschool focused blog platform. I do not have in the list because (as you pointed out) it redirects to some other site.
    I corrected the reference on our about page.


    I just opened a home school consignment curriculum and educational materials store.

  6. I am wondering why the sudden resurgence posts today. Anyway, I am adding the new sites within minutes of the comments in most cases.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Keep ’em coming.

  7. a few quick sites you may want to add:

    Statewide groups- Indiana–

    IHEN or Indiana Home Education Network

    Indiana Foundation for Homeschooling

    Indiana Association of Home Educators

    Teaching Textbooks

    Learning Adventures


    Home school family site:

    Foundation Christian Academy
    Lots of categorized homeschooling links

  8. When I do a search for “Indiana homeschool” one of the first things I see are sites that advertise charter public school. I feel this may confuse folks who may be seeking information on homeschooling. Virtual charter public school is NOT homeschooling.

  9. Here is an Online Homeschool Newspaper for my homeschooling community. I believe it is one of the few (if not only) online homeschool newsletter out there.

    It is published monthly. Occasionally we will publish submitted articles from homeschoolers outside of the community.

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