Some Homeschoolers back Huckabee

Some Homeschoolers back Huckabee

…and some back Ron Paul, and who knows who else. Is this a media invention? I don’t see homeschoolers (even conservative homeschoolers) all backing the same candidate.

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s rise in Iowa may have been a surprise to many, but not to a tightly knit group of social conservatives with something fundamental in common.
Thousands of evangelical Christians who school their children at home have found a candidate they can support in Huckabee, and they provide the former Arkansas governor’s outsider campaign with hundreds of volunteers. Read more…

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  1. Even if all two percent of us voted for the same person, I think it wouldn’t have a major effect. I think “they” like to view “us” as some completely united force without any variation in thinking. It fits better with the stereotype.

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