100 Cupboards

After his parents are taken hostage in Columbia, reserved and over-protected Henry York moves to Kansas to stay with his Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Frank. His first night there he sees a little man in his deceased grandfather’s bedroom, a room that had previously remained locked and impenetrable since his passing. The strangeness continues when Henry uncovers mysterious knobs and cupboards behind the plaster in the wall of his attic bedroom. He discovers these little doors serve as portals to other worlds and times, and when opened allow both him and others from these places (desirables and undesirables) to travel to and fro.

This fantasy adventure has parallels to The Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia, even Twilight Zone, and those that have read the author’s previous work (Leepike Ridge) will recognize his fluid, refreshing style. The story starts slow as the author better acquaints us with Henry and his relatives, but all the time he keeps us wondering what in the world is up with those cupboards! We get the action near the halfway point, and begin to understand how the cupboards work. I didn’t quite catch on to a few plot details, but it didn’t really matter, I was intrigued. By the end, I was ready for more. Be aware the story has some magical, creepy elements that include a mangy attack cat, an eyeless bald witch, witch-dogs, and a violent confrontation with the hairless hag. For readers who like the bizarre and don’t mind a little scare factor, this book is a treat. 100 Cupboards is the introduction to this new fantasy – I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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