Annointing for Healing

“Anointing for Healing ” is the first in a series of four small hard covered gift books that are beautifully packaged, each one containing a small vial of anointing oil that has been chosen because of the biblical reference to each oil for a given purpose. The writing is well crafted, personal and inviting and the scriptures are uplifting and encouraging. But once again as I am asked to review these books I must separate my personal theology from my professional opinion of the writing itself. The authors make claims that I find difficult to process with what I know of reality. For instance in “Anointing for Healing” Gina Lynnes claims “God anointed Jesus to heal all. He never said no to anyone” (her emphasis). In the following chapter, amazingly titled “As Easy as One Two Three”, she chronicles the story of her first healing and I rejoice with her in that situation. But to take the grace God showed to her that time and to assume that He always chooses to heal, flies in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Many good Christians have found that God holds their hand and sees them through to the end but He does not always rescue and heal. As well, in “Anointing for Children” all the stories have happy endings. But that is not the reality for the millions of Christians who believed every bit as hard as the authors believed but God chose a different and devastating ending to their children’s stories. Each of the books seems to border on the belief that it is the lack of faith that causes our sickness, our children’s agonies, our loved ones unsaved state and our personal suffering and lack of safety. But as a representative for Voice of the Martyrs I can match each of their happy-ending stories with the thousands of testimonies of amazingly godly men and women who suffered (and still do suffer) exactly because they were so godly, so full of faith. God did not heal them. God did not rescue them. God did not intervene on their behalf. God allowed their children to be slaughtered. He allowed them to be imprisoned and die at the hands of torturers. He allowed them to live in abject poverty.

Great faith is evident, not only when it seems to reap wonderful results but even more- so when it does not waver in spite hardship and disappointment. If you are able to embrace and defend the theology of the authors, these books are well written and comforting. But if, like me, your view of God does not allow for such rosy assumptions, you may want to explore a more balanced approach to the relationship between God and His faithful children. The books in this series are:

Anointing for Healing

Anointing for Children

Anointing for Protection

Anointing for Loved Ones Salvation

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