Homeschoolers Invited To Vote In Mock Primary Election

Homeschoolers Invited To Vote In Mock Primary Election

I just got this note from Staley Krause of HomeschoolEStore. I know this isn’t the intention but this could go a long way toward dispelling the media-myth that homeschoolers vote as a block. Too bad it’s just for kids.

For the first time ever, Homeschoolers are invited to make their voices heard and take part in HomeschoolEstore’s Non-Partisan Mock Primary Presidential Election! Homeschoolers ages 7-17, who are United States residents, will learn about the election process and the 2008 presidential candidates when they cast their vote, anytime between now and February 4th. Results of the election and exit polling results will be available, real-time. Final results will be posted on Monday, February 4th, the day before Super Tuesday. You must have a free HomeschoolEstore account in order to participate. Click here to make your voice heard!

Oh, and also Discounts up to 50% off, now through February 4th.

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