Lady’s Big Surprise (Lucky Foot Stable)

In this series geared toward girls who love horses and farm life, best friends Mary and Jody spend their free time frolicking about the Lucky Foot Stable, caring for ponies, playing with dogs, and dealing with the unexpected twists and turns that life has to offer.

In Lady’s Big Surprise, the girls enter their ponies Lady and Gypsy in their first horse show, travel the countryside on horseback to secret places, and even attend a cow funeral. These girl characters are enthusiastic and optimistic, and seem to have so much fun in whatever their doing. The author has an extensive, impressive equine background, and does a great job mingling cool horse care facts with a gentle, old-fashioned story. Each book includes a glossary of horse terminology. Nice, clean series for your daughters.

The Lucky Foot Stable continues with:

Star of Wonder

A Star Discovered

Willie to the Rescue

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