Charter School or Homeschool?

Charter School or Homeschool?

VoiceofSanDiego has an article about a charter school that caters to homeschoolers. They sure make it sound like this solves a big problem and “legitimizes” homeschool. Is it still homeschooling if the parent doesn’t direct the learning? Does this really provide advantages over or avoid pitfalls of government school? Discuss.

Fed up with crowded classes, Rose Banks plucked her gifted granddaughter from her El Centro elementary school midway through the first grade, and started cobbling together a homeschool program. For Banks, who had never taught before, it was a bewildering task.
“Where do I go? What does the state require? I didn’t want to teach her at my whim,” Banks recalled. “I wanted her to graduate, to get credit for her classes and go on to college.” Read more…

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  1. As a cofounder of a homeschool charter school I find this topic fascinating. It will always be unacceptable to homeschool purists and that’s fine. However, our approach has been that every kid really needs an individualized education suited to their learning styles, values, interests and goals. That’s what homeschoolers do for their own kids. That philosophy is becoming more acceptable to the educational establishment, to those whose agenda is helping kids learn.

    Learning profiles, training on how to adapt teaching mat’ls to their child and the funds with which to do that are available at our Anchorage charter school. For kids who have struggled in a traditional classroom we have enabled parents to deliver an education plan tailored to their kid. It’s a great thing! For the motivated parent like those mentioned in this article it’s a taste of the future of education.

  2. I don’t begrudge any parents educational choices. For some parents the main thing may be having their children home. For others, the goal is to be the major influence in their child’s upbringing. I think homeschool “purists” are reacting to this big difference.

  3. I don’t think that homeschool ‘purists’ object to any particular educational choice, just to the label of ‘homeschooler’, when, in fact, the educational process is being overseen by an institution, and not just the parent. One of the hallmarks of home education is autonomy- the ability to direct the child’s education, choose curriculum and resources, methods, etc… but I don’t think the label is as important as empowering parents with choice.

    I think the program described in the article sounds great, and if it helps parents and kids to connect and get their feet wet in the homeschooling pool, then it’s a great thing.

  4. No need to worry about what is happening in CA according to this article. There are two types of hsing. So nothing is really being lost there. (tongue in cheek)

    Home school ruling said ripe for challenge
    By: TERI FIGUEROA – Staff Writer

    Attorneys and advocates say parents who teach their kids shouldn’t worry |
    Saturday, March 8, 2008
    In broad terms, there are two types of home schooling.

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