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Latin is a popular choice with homeschoolers for language studies, especially those interested in pursuing careers in medicine, biology, mathematics, or clergy.

For those wishing to study the ancient language in an ecclesiastical (church) fashion, Latina Christiano fits the bill, focusing on a more modern pronunciation form as opposed to the classic form. The full curriculum consists of a DVD, student and teacher workbook, song CD, and optional flash cards. The DVD stars a smiling, gentle teacher to introduce the weekly lessons, and the rest of the week the student’s practice/review daily the vocabulary, grammar and various prayers/songs. This was our first exposure to learning Latin, and my kids were excited and energetic from the get-go. Even my 7 year old who would rather start his day playing with Legos was eager to learn. However, their interest began to wane by the fourth day (like anything, it got harder as more information was added), and I’ll admit I was a little intimidated – how can I teach Latin? Yikes! Thankfully the author of this program has made this curriculum with me in mind – the parent who has no Latin training or experience. Once you familiarize yourself with the teacher’s manual, it is doable. But, it is a curriculum that does not teach itself, the parent has an active role, and the kids do need to regularly practice what they’ve learn. There is plenty of material to fill your year, and Latina Christiano suggests ways to extend your Latin time to more than just learning a language, but also exploring history. This is a solid Latin curriculum, ideal for those homeschooling from a classical approach.

For the younger age set (grades K-3) there is Primary Latina.

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