Nim’s Island

A tropical island paradise complete with sea turtles, iguanas, plankton, and the Internet serve as the setting for this modern day Robinson Crusoe tale. Exit stage right Mr. Crusoe, and enter Nim, a vibrant girl who spends her days chopping coconuts for breakfast, tending her garden, and doing her school work.

“When they’d looked after the garden and fished for dinner and checked the beaches for driftwood or bottles or anything else that might have floated in on the tide, Nim had school. That was what they called it, but it wasn’t inside and it wasn’t at a desk. They sat on the beach in the dark to study the stars, and climbed cliffs to see birds in their nests. Nim learned the language of dolphins, about the tiny crabs that float out to sea on their coconut homes, and how to watch the clouds and listen to the wind.”

As if school wasn’t enough excitement, Nim’s life propels into action when she’s the only one who can rescue her scientist dad stranded on an expedition. Fortunately for Nim, an email pal ends up being more than just cyber-support for her, and fuels the plot with another interesting story line. This is a fresh, fun, and engaging book for kids of all ages, and may tickle curiosities for exploring Biology and Ocean life. I will warn you the book may give some readers the urge to change into Bermuda shorts and loud Hawaiian shirts.

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Walden Media is bringing Nim’s Island to the big screen… view the trailer here.

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