Black Parents Homeschool too

Black Parents Homeschool too

I have real problems with the bigoted tone of this opening paragraph. The rest of the long article is very supportive of homeschooling.

Say “homeschooling” and what tends to come to mind are the whitest people you know, holding Sunday school every day of the week in their basements, producing kids who can declaim against Charles Darwin for hours on end, but who are so screwed up socially that you can’t imagine them getting a date, except years later as part of a group outing to Christian Day at Disney World. Read more…

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  1. As a black homeschooler, I’m tired of the shock associated with it. We are the fastest and largest growing group of homeschoolers in the country. We do it for the same reason everyone else does.

    Believe it or not, we actually do care about our children, just like everyone else does. We love our children, and want what’s best for them, no how the media portrays us.

    This would be hysterical if it wasn’t so sad that even in the realm of homeschooling, race has to be an issue. I guess Hillary and Obama have succeeded in keeping us focused on race. Contrary to popular belief they have divided the country more racially in the past couple of months than I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

  2. I had the same reaction as anonymous did- why the surprise that parents of various ethnicities would be attracted to home education? Why the ooh-ah that Black People Are Homeschooling?

    Forgive me for quoting Depeche Mode,:p but people are people– so parents are parents and whether the parent wishes to remove their child from a failing system or just sees the opportunities that home education provides, I don’t get the media making skin color an issue and then griping about racism.

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