New Reviewer!

New Reviewer! is thrilled to welcome Michelle Kearns to our book review team. Michelle is an enthusiastic Christian Homeschooling mom to 4 children: Audrey, 8; Cecily, 6; Eich, 4; and Sophie, 3. And, one of her passions is books! She says:

“I read as many books as I can possibly manage from every genre; I even listen to audiobooks when I do housework! As a homeschooler, I make it a point to read every book my children read so I can discuss it with them, and since my two oldest are crazed bookworms, we go through a lot of books here.”

Here’s Michelle’s “debut” review, please take advantage of the comments section to welcome her aboard! Michelle joins our veteran reviewers Kathy Davis, Cynthia Clarke and Wayne S. Walker.

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