The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn

You don’t have to be a fan of comics to enjoy this swashbuckling graphic novel. Anyone who enjoys zealous, humorous storytelling will love it! Tintin is a young reporter with a colorful array of adventures under his belt. In this “episode” he buys a replica of a galliard ship for his friend Captain Haddock. After his apartment is ransacked and the ship tampered with, Tin learns the fascinating background of the Unicorn, and its link to finding a treasure. He is soon on the case, joined by his devoted dog Snowy and the bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson. But, as soon as the hero seems close to solving the mystery, he’s foiled again.

The adventure has non-stop action, which includes sword fighting (some rum drinking), comic violence, pickpockets, and chase scenes. This is truly a classic that is a good choice for those who would enjoy a break from their “serious” reading.

Tintin’s adventures are numerous, and Steven Spielberg has plans to release him to the big screen.

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