The Fatherhood Principle (Priority, Position, and the Role of the Male)

According the biography of Dr. Myles Munroe, “the central theme of his life’s teaching has been the maximization of individual potential”. In the introduction the author states that the object of “The Fatherhood Principle” is to reveal “God’s blueprint for men so that they can step into their true purpose in life”. And so on that basis, and having reviewed several of Dr. Munroe’s books, I was eager to read his views on fatherhood in America. But I was in for a surprise.

Halfway through the first chapter I began to feel uncomfortable with several statements that seemed to be based on an errant premise, that is that man is the source of human life, woman is “the incubator”. From there Dr. Munroe jumps to even more startling statements.

“When you marry a wife she carries your name because she has picked up another father… It is tough being a man because who ever you marry becomes your “child”

“If you are a young man dating a young woman you are, in essence, dating your own daughter. A woman is your sister first then she becomes your bride. So when you kiss her be sure that it is a fatherly kiss. That is why a woman is supposed to feel safe with you at two o’clock in the morning when all the lights are off. She is with her “father”

Furthermore in the chapter entitled “Father as Teacher” Dr. Munroe tells the reader that the father of the home is the one to initiate all instructions and home rules. The job of the mother is to command the children based on the father’s instructions. Since the husband is supposedly the father of the wife, as well as the children, she is expected to accept that role of overseer of his instructions without usurping his authority by implementing rules of her own.

This teaching does not ring true in my spirit. It hearkens back to a stiff patriarchal time when I believe that the church grieved the heart of Christ by their narrow vision and literal prejudices. Although I usually donate my reviewed books to my church library I will not be passing “The Fatherhood Principle” into anyone else’s hand. Dr. Munroe has written several books that are excellent resources but this one is clearly not one of them.

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