The Imperfect Homeschooler’s Guide to Homeschooling

It is easy to start homeschooling with high energy, fresh ideas, engaging lesson plans and lots of really good curriculum and soon find our energy exhausted, our ideas stale, our lesson plans diverted, and our curriculum the wrong match for our particular learner. That could certainly prove to be discouraging and might even cause some to drop homeschooling all together. That would be unfortunate, because the truth is there is no perfect home school. Even though I know that already, how empowering it is for me to read Barbara Frank’s book The Imperfect Homeschooler’s guide to Homeschooling. Having graduated 2 children already, I trust her advice is solid as I found her words reassuring. I shared some of her ideas recently with a group of moms from my local support group and one of the mom’s even went right to the bookstore to buy it (unfortunately she lucked out as I had an advance review copy and the book is only available from Barbara’s website). Some of the discussion points in 175+ page book include the overview of the basics, how to teach specific subjects, general teaching techniques, and overcoming obstacles. This guide is an excellent resource for both for those just starting out and the rest of us that need some good old-fashioned encouragement and empowerment.

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