A Backpackers Alphabet: Cursive Penmanship

I have to admit, I found this workbook completely fascinating. I know it’s a D’nealian penmanship practice book, but Joy Marie Dunlap’s sentences detailing backpacking are as foreign to a suburban mom like me as Bulgarian cooking, and therefore, compelling reading, not to mention useful practice for the young ladies and gentlemen in my household.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a short paragraph that not only features that letter, but manages to teach a distinct aspect of backpacking and/or camping as well. For instance, the section for the letter N has this for its practice paragraph:

“N is for Nylon Rope. Nylon rope is preferred over rope made of natural fibers. It lasts much longer, does not rot, resists abrasion and deterioration, and is elastic enough not to snap from sudden jerks. Rope can be used to put up a tarp, make a clothesline, lash items to a pack for hiking, or keep packs of food up out of the reach of bears, raccoon and other foraging animals.”

The paragraph for each letter is written in perfectly lovely cursive. Underneath are sufficient lines for the student to copy the sentences.

Although its e-book format might be stressful for your printer, pages from A Backpackers Alphabet can be printed indefinitely for any aspiring young campers that come along in your family.

A Backpackers Alphabet will quickly become a favorite in your home; however, be prepared—after working through this book your kids will be rabid to go backpacking!

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