A – Z Have a Wonderful Walk

A – Z Have a Wonderful Walk is a fantastic penmanship resource for homeschooling families. Not only does it give children a wholesome, interesting place to practice D’nealian cursive, it gives them a chance to get a peek at another homeschool family’s life. It also provides parents with useful pointers on organizing their own walks.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a paragraph about the Dunlap family’s habit of taking walks. The paragraph is first displayed in gorgeous cursive; beneath this are sufficient lines for the student to copy the paragraph. The paragraphs detail what the Dunlaps like to do on their walks and give suggestions as to what other families might find interesting. For example, here is the practice paragraph for the letter P:

“A park is a good place to learn to paint. You can walk to a scenic spot and paint impressions of sparkling water, sunshine through lacy leaves, gnarled trees, landscapes and forests. Or you can practice your photography, or pick berries or wild cherries where that is allowed.”

Following the penmanship portion of the book is a large section for parents on the ins and outs of going on walks with your children. Although I grew up in the no-mans-land of Northern California, I’m now a card-carrying Suburban Mommy. If you live in the country, more power to you and I can’t wait till I move back there; but if you’re in the asphalt jungle like me, A – Z Have a Wonderful Walk is more than a penmanship book—it’s a heartfelt call to experience the awesome power of our God through the beauty of nature.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs of the Dunlap children on walks. The pictures are interesting in that they show the children at all stages of development, from young pup to lanky teenager; however, because A – Z Have a Wonderful Walk is an e-book, printing out all those gorgeous color photos might cause you (or your long-suffering husband) to put on the old sackcloth and ashes over the havoc being wreaked upon the color printer. You could always print the pages out in black and white, but you and your children should definitely look at the full-color versions on the computer screen. I don’t know about you, but my children are insatiably interested about other homeschooling children. This book not only gives them an opportunity to get a good look at what other homeschoolers do, I guarantee it will get them itching to get out and have a wonderful walk of their own.

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